Table 1.

Morbidity was defined by the Royal College of Surgeons Charlson Score, which is based on 14 groups of ICD-10 codes used in specialist and hospital care17

ConditionICD-10 codes
Myocardial infarctionI22–23, I252
Congestive heart failureI11, I13, I255, I42–43, I50, I517
Peripheral vascular diseaseI70–73, I770–I771, K551, K558–559, R02, Z958–959
Cerebrovascular diseaseG45–46, I60–69
DementiaA810, F00–03, F051, G30–31
Chronic pulmonary diseaseI26–27, J40–47, J60–67, J684, J701, J703
Rheumatic diseaseM05–06, M09, M120, M315, M32–36
Liver diseaseB18, I85, I864, I982, K70-71, K721, K729, K76, R162, Z944
Diabetes mellitusE10–14
Hemiplegia/paraplegiaG114, G81–83
Renal diseaseI12-13, N01, N03, N05, N07–08, N171–172, N18–19, N25, Z49, Z940, Z992
MalignancyC00–26, C30–34, C37–41, C43, C45–58, C60–76, C80–85, C88, C90–97
Metastatic tumoursC77–79