Table 1.

Interviewee characteristics (N = 19)

Sex, n
Length of time since qualified as a GP (up to the time of the interview), range (median)2 months to 22 years (5 years)
Length of time working as a locum, range (median)2 months to 10 years (3 years)
Typical number of sessions per week worked as a locum, range (median)2–8 (5)
Typical number of different practices per month worked in as a locum, range (median)2–8 (4)
Other roles alongside locum work, n13a
  Salaried GPs4
  Extended hours or GP hubs3
  OOH, urgent care, or A&E5
  Academic, GP trainers, or examiners8
Primary medical qualification obtained outside the UK, n3
Training/experience before qualifying as GP, n9
Geographical areas of work, n b
  West Midlands1
  East of England2
  North West2
  South West5
  South East8
Number of CCG typically working in as a locum, n
  • a The total in this row is higher than the number of interviewees because some had multiple roles.

  • b Number of locums exceeds 19 as some work across multiple areas.

  • c In London and South East. A&E = accident and emergency. CCG = clinical commissioning group. OOH = out of hours.