Table 1.

Descriptive characteristics of the routine-screening population and colposcopy population participants

Routine-screening population
Age, years
Menopausal statusa
  Not reported/unknown189.9
Colposcopy population
Age, years
Reason for referral population study eligibility
  Confirmed CIN2+ on biopsy1518.1
  Moderate dyskaryosis on cytology910.8
  Severe dyskaryosis on cytology44.8
  HPV triageb5566.3
Age of women with CIN2+, years
  • a Derived from questionnaire data, therefore, the total number of women is 182.

  • b Mild dyskaryosis or borderline changes and HPV positive — 44 women with recent HPV triage, 11 women in follow-up for HPV triage. CIN = cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. HPV = human papillomavirus.