Box 1.

Semi-structured questionnaire for working group members

  1. Please describe the referral pathways for primary care management for suspected cancer in your country.

  2. What diagnostic tests and/or investigations do primary care practitioners (PCPs) have direct access to? Are the data gathered in previous international comparisons accurate/representative, and how do they vary for different cancer sites, and across the country?3

  3. What decision support tools and networks exist for PCPs to help them decide how best to investigate patients with symptoms indicative of cancer? For example, information technology tools (such as QCancer),26 secondary care support (such as specified nurse coordinators).

  4. At what points when investigating patients do PCPs hand over responsibility to secondary/specialist care?

  5. Are there specific processes or systems in place to avoid patients being lost from the system before a diagnosis is ruled out/confirmed (in other words, safety netting)?